When a question is beyond our core-expertise we can tap on an extensive network of renowned specialists in virtually all fields of the (bio) pharmaceutical industry. It gives you access through one point of contact to all major functions:

Sales & Marketing:

Monasteriou can offer its own Sales & Marketing Organisation when a specialised gynaecology Sales Force is needed. Monasteriou can cover the whole of Europe (27+ countries) for you. Regarding the marketing there is extensive expertise and experience in house, but also here we rely on seasoned partners in virtually all areas of (Bio) Pharmaceutical marketing.

Clinical Development:

Monasteriou has close contacts with several CRO’s among which some that are highly specialised in e.g. Orphan Drugs and Clinical Development in children.


Monasteriou can offer you a range of medical writers, specialised medical translators, specialists for medical information, trainers/specialists for specific topics, etc.


Monasteriou can offer local regulators in any country in Europe, but also agencies that work for centralised procedures only. They usually have local representation as well. Experience is what counts in this area. The agencies we use are all experienced in one or more fields; Biologicals, small molecules and Orphan drugs. Each area represents its own specificities and that is why we believe we need this wide range of experience.

Pricing & Reimbursement:

What counts for Regulatory is also true for Pricing & Reimbursement. That is why we only use local agencies, but we keep a very important overall European coordination, because the mutual influence of individual countries is potentially enormous and requires careful handling. This is to secure proper pricing now and in the future.

Drug Safety:

This is an increasingly important topic in Europe that requires your careful attention. We found a few experts in this field that offer their services, again local and European (Also for PSUR’s).


Should you need highly specialised production facilities for you products, please contact us, because we know a wide range of manufacturers.
They are, of course, all GMP certified and can offer clean room manufacturing, manufacturing of biologicals and small molecules.