Han van 't KloosterIn the 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry I was exposed to many different situations mainly in an International environment. Apart from being involved in most key pharmaceutical functional areas I have also worked on different levels in the organisation; From Sales and General Management to member of the European & Rest of World MT.

The last 8 years were, more than anything else, very entrepreneurial.

  • For Pharmion I was responsible for the Benelux organization that was one of the most successful subsidiaries of Pharmion. I started this subsidiary in 2003 from scratch. I executed and coordinated all the usual pharmaceutical work in all areas.
  • When I worked for Chiron as an International Marketing Director I was responsible for 2 oncology products worldwide (except the US). I was also a member of the EU Management team and headed up a team of in total 6 marketers and supporting functions. In addition I was responsible for the merger of the two marketing departments when we took over Pathogenisis and I was involved in major business development projects.
  • Before that I worked for Zeneca. First as a Rep and later as a Product Manager in cardiovascular and asthma.